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How to teach Evolution to undergraduates

At the Technion, I taught for many years a course on Evolution, of which I am very proud. The first half introduces the main mechanisms of evolution—natural selection and genetic drift—and the second… Continue reading

Friday Forum at Harvard Bookstore

Dan Graur’s Recommendation

“a challenging and informative look at the complex functioning of life processes.”

Shelf life on The American Scholar  

The New Scientist review: “Teaming with life”

New Scientist reviews The Society of Genes The Society of Genes: Time for a subtler picture of evolution By Bob Holmes FORTY years ago, Richard Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene popularised the notion… Continue reading

A song on The Society of Genes

    From the book launch party at Radcliffe, Harvard University (February 3rd, 2016). Come gather round and listen to How our lives are inextricably Linked to genes that form a society. Kevin… Continue reading

Radcliffe Seminar on the The Society of Genes

Junk DNA is dead – long live the Junk!

by Martin Lercher & Itai Yanai Humans are astounding creatures, our unique and highly complex traits encoded by our genome – a vast sequence of DNA ‘letters’ (called nucleotides) directing the building and… Continue reading

Turns Out, GMO Salmon Isn’t All That Fishy After All

            By ITAI YANAI AND MARTIN LERCHER January 11, 2016 Imagine the perfect evening. You open the perfect vintage, sit down for dinner with your perfect spouse, and… Continue reading