Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Review in Science Magazine!

Joseph Swift has written a book review for ‘The Society of Genes’ in the March 25th issue of Science: “Despite the genome’s complexity, the authors are careful to keep the text accessible. Indeed, at… Continue reading

Review in the Times Higher Education

In today’s issue of The Times Higher Education, Prof. Charalambos Kyriacou writes “Yanai and Lercher are masters of the metaphor, and while I felt that there were a few omissions that might have enhanced… Continue reading

Why cancer is evolution

“If Darwin had been able to observe cancer cells through a microscope, he would have had just as much evidence for his theory as he obtained by studying complete organisms.” The Society of… Continue reading

How to teach a course on Genome Evolution

Even though genomes have been sequenced for over two decades, I find that genomics is still not properly taught in most universities. In particular, Evolution is generally not awarded its proper place in… Continue reading

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