Why cancer is evolution

“If Darwin had been able to observe cancer cells through a microscope, he would have had just as much evidence for his theory as he obtained by studying complete organisms.” The Society of… Continue reading

How to teach a course on Genome Evolution

Even though genomes have been sequenced for over two decades, I find that genomics is still not properly taught in most universities. In particular, Evolution is generally not awarded its proper place in… Continue reading

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Forty years of ‘The Selfish Gene’ are not enough

How to teach Evolution to undergraduates

At the Technion, I taught for many years a course on Evolution, of which I am very proud. The first half introduces the main mechanisms of evolution—natural selection and genetic drift—and the second… Continue reading

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Dan Graur’s Recommendation

“a challenging and informative look at the complex functioning of life processes.”

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The New Scientist review: “Teaming with life”

New Scientist reviews The Society of Genes The Society of Genes: Time for a subtler picture of evolution By Bob Holmes FORTY years ago, Richard Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene popularised the notion… Continue reading